How to block an email address in Yahoo Mail?

How to stop the annoying mails in Yahoo Mail?

One of the ways to keep safe our email accounts in our case of  Yahoo,  is to prevent certain e-mail addresses that send us Spam, Yahoo system blocks most dangerous mails but there are occasions where someone emails know and is harassing us or another similar reason, for this we have a method of manual locking Yahoo Mail now invite you to know and make step by step.

Block an email in Yahoo

You must be clear that this process will allow you to block an email like this you can not send any messages to your email, this procedure is valid only if we do it from our computer or laptop, but not from mobiles.

Let’s begin …

    1. The first is to access our Yahoo mail, log in .
    2. Now from our inbox we headed to the top right to mail settings and click on “Settings” as is showed in the picture.
      block an email yahoo 1
    3. Now in the left side we click on the “Blocked addreses” link:
      block an email yahoo 2
    4. In the new window you will see a simple form to add an email address, you just type the email address or addresses that you want to block, and the click on the “Block” button and the address will be added to our list. As you can see you have a limit of 500 email addresses that you can block.  you click on the + sign.
      block an email yahoo 3

You must take into account

  • Knowing the right email address when you are going to block.
  • If you want to block a Spam address, never open the message, if you hover over the email address displayed without opening it and avoid any risk of viruses and other problems with our Yahoo Mail.
  • You can unlock an email using the same steps and then removing it from the list.
  • Have up to 500 blocks to use in your Yahoo Mail.

Now you know uses blocking customized Yahoo Mail addresses to avoid being hassled in you email account.

Until next time!